5 of the Best Swimsuits Perfect for a Smaller Bust

5 of the Best Swimsuits Perfect for a Smaller Bust

Smaller busts don't always mean boring one pieces! Check out this list of the 5 best swimsuits perfect for ladies that have a smaller chest!

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One in four women doesn't believe people who say they look good in a swimsuit. You don't have to be that one woman. 

Knowing you look good in your suit starts with you buying one that works with your body. Finding the best swimsuits for your body means you can strut down the beach with confidence. 

Need some help? Follow this guide to help you get started buying a suit to flatter a smaller bust. 

Traditionally, swimsuit manufacturers told women with smaller chests that they should buy a push-up, or cutlets. While there is nothing wrong with getting a little help filling out a suit, you could also try embracing your smaller curves. 

Your Approach 

The first thing you need to do is decide your approach. This will help you narrow down what type of suit is best for your personal style. 


Maybe you want to flaunt what you do or do not have. This is when you want to look for push-ups and tops with an underwire and padding. 

Look for suits with structured cups. This will shape what you have, and give the illusion of you having more. 


Your approach could be to make people look somewhere other than your chest. This is the distraction method. 

Look for suits that have splashes of color or trim details to draw the eye away from your bust. This could be pairing a plain top with a bold patterned bottom. 


Your third option is to embrace what your momma gave ya. You can rock your smaller chest and be proud. 

Look for tops that women with a larger chest struggle to pull off. This could be a cute bandeau, a deep V, or a ton of cutouts. 

1. The Deep V

A deep V swimsuit can be hard to pull off. This is especially true for those with a large bust. 

It can come off looking overly sexual. Not to mention the lack of support and high potential for an embarrassing moment. 

But women with a smaller bust can pull this look off with ease! The deep V can actually be flattering and give the illusion of more cleavage than you actually have. 

The Lucia 

If you want to try out this look consider the Lucia. This elegant swimsuit has a deep plunging V, but not too deep. It also has built-in cups with removable pads. 

There are cute details such as the peekaboo ruffles along the hip line. The straps are perfect for creating a custom fit by having lacing that allows you to wear them over the shoulder or crossed on your back. 

2. The Balconette 

When a large busted woman wears a balconette style top, it pushes everything up and they look like they are going to spill over at any second. For small-busted women though, it is the perfect top to accentuate in a classy way. 

These suits make the perfect solution for those women looking to embrace their smaller curves. 

The Uma One Piece 

Try out this flattering one piece that is perfect for those with a smaller chest. It even has lacing on the back to create a custom fit for the rest of your shape. 

Other details make this suit ideal such as the ruching through the stomach and peekaboo ruffles on the hips.

3. Bandeaus 

This is where having a smaller bust is actually preferable. Women with a larger bust struggle with this style of suit due to the serious lack of support. 

But thanks to your smaller bust, you are free to choose from a number of styles of bandeau tops. If you want to flaunt what you've got look for a structured top with lined cups. 

If you want to embrace your natural shape go for less structure and more conforming stretch. 

4. Square Neck

A square neckline will add structure and shape to your bustline. This is true of both a top with cups and without cups. This type of top also provides a decent amount of coverage for those ladies not looking to show it all off. 

The Uma 

This bikini creates a square look with the contrasting colors of petal blue and bright orange. The cups have an underwire and some thin padding. You can also insert silicone cutlets if you want more of a boost. 

For those looking to distract, the ruffle orange detailing on the straps is the perfect solution. It is close enough yet far enough away to draw any onlookers eye away from your cleavage. 

5. Center Tie

The most frustrating thing about buying a bikini top is when the cup and the band are not both the right size for you. Sometimes the band fits perfect, but the bust is too small. Sometimes it's the other way around. 

A center tie helps solve this frustration. You'll find that a majority of the time the tie is on the back of the suit. 

The Kelly 

The Kelly comes with a decorative tie on the front, and a working tie on the back. This lets you create a custom fit for your bikini top. The over the shoulder straps provide you with the maximum amount of support. 

It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Like this style that is perfect for those ladies looking to distract. The top is a soft lavender while the bottom is a bold yet feminine yellow floral pattern.

The Best Swimsuits for Your Small Bust

When looking at the best swimsuits for small busts you need to start with what style and look you are going for. Do you want to look like you've got more than you do? 

Are you trying to draw people's attention away? Or maybe you want to embrace your assets the way they are. 

Whatever your style, we can help you find a suit that will make you feel confident and beach ready. 

Need more help? Check out our guide for buying a swimsuit for your body type. 

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