The Season for Shopping: When to Buy a New Swimsuit Online

The Season for Shopping: When to Buy a New Swimsuit Online

The Season for Shopping: When to Buy a New Swimsuit Online

Shopping for a swimsuit during any other season than summer in-stores is a nightmare. Your best bet is to buy a new swimsuit online.

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Winter is here and it’s not going anywhere just yet. The closest we can get to warm days is to daydream about them. For hours... 

What will we wear when the sun is back? Where will we go? 

Thanks to Instagram influencers, we're buying swimsuits year round. We simply want to make sure we look as fabulous as our fave social media star. 

But, when is the perfect time to buy a new swimsuit? Is it really when celebs endorse them?

We may also find that shopping for a swimsuit during any other season than summer in-stores is a nightmare. Of course, your best bet is to buy a new swimsuit online.

In this article, we’ll look at when that time should be.

1. Never Just as Swim Suits Hit the Racks

January isn't the time for new swimsuits to hit the racks. Many of us are cuddled up in the freezing cold during this month.

But, as soon new bikinis launch in April/May time, you'll find that prices are high. This is not the best time to be buying your swimsuit for the year. In fact, this is the time to avoid shopping for a swimsuit altogether.

If you're looking in stores, you'll also find that you're wearing the same swimsuit as everyone else when you hit the pool in July. Not ideal if your inspo is one-of-a-kind Instagrammers with stunning taste in clothing.

Meanwhile, if you're shopping online, this is the most expensive time with many celebs endorsing certain brands. 

In fact, at the beginning of a new season, you'll find that clothing prices are almost double the prices at the end of a season. If you're on a tight budget, perhaps your old bikini is fine for now?

If this is your only chance to buy, then it's too bad. But, learn from your mistakes next year or... 

2. Always Check the Sales First

Even as new lines hit, there is usually a sales rack somewhere in the store. Check it out before you begin looking at new lines. 

You may be surprised by how many cute pieces are forgotten from last season. Alternatively, if you're shopping online, there are regular sales! 

Only found a bikini top you like? No problem. Consider buying separates so you can mix and match with a bright top and black bottoms. 

This will help you have a varied choice in the future and there's no harm in picking up odd pieces to mix and match.

3. Start Shopping as Summer Ends

Yes, saying goodbye to summer is the worst. But, now's the time to buy, buy, buy!

Every year, this is without a doubt the best time to go about buying your swimsuit for next year. 

You'll find hundreds of great options around and at a much cheaper price point than just a few months before. Similarly, if you are hoping to find a new coat on a budget, start shopping after winter ends. 

You'll thank yourself next year when you're wearing a bikini picked out during the end of summer sales. Plus, it will be different from everyone else, who are buying their bikini at peak season.

3. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Do you always buy your bikini or bathing suit from the same place? Now is the time to break old habits. 

Get out of your comfort zone and buy a bikini from a completely new company. Why not?

You may prefer the style and fit. When switching bikinis, spend time getting to know what suits you best

If you're buying in the right season (off-peak or in the sales) then there's nothing to stop you from looking at a higher quality brand.

Investing in quality will help you save money in the long run. If you spend a little more on your swimsuit now, then you won't need to buy a new one as often when it begins to fade. 

Plus, buying fewer but better quality clothes is much better for the planet, too!

4. Visit Online Stores and Save Items You Love

The best thing about shopping online is that you can watch your favorite items and wait for them to go on sale. 

Loving the luxury halter neck look? Great! Save it to your favorites or add it to your basket and check back on it regularly. 

Of course, there are also many online apps now which can help you save money. For example, Ebates, which allows you to get money back while you shop. 

You should also consider creating an account with or joining the mailing list of your favorite store to find out when they're holding flash sales. 

5. Buy Your Favorite Swimwear in Bulk

Found a few different swimsuits that you love? Why not buy them all at the same time? Keep a couple of swimsuits and rotate them so you don't get bored. 

Better yet, by having a few high-quality bikinis or swimsuits, you'll be able to continue wearing them for a long time to come. 

Furthermore, if you regularly shop with Happy Jiggly Feet, you'll be eligible for huge discounts.

For example, with your second and third swimsuits, you'll receive 10% off your purchase. Buy a fourth swimsuit and you'll receive 50%.

You'll also receive a stamp which will enable you to a discount code for your next swimsuit.

Snap Up a New Swimsuit Bargain for under $60 

Now you should be clued up on how exactly you can buy a new swimsuit which works within your budget! 

The Happy Jiggly Feet website makes it very easy for you to shop within your price range.

Check out the buttons at the top of our website to decide which price point is right for you -- choose under $60 if you're on a budget! Or, choose under $100 if you're looking for something a little extra. 

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