Top 5 Swimwear Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

Top 5 Swimwear Trends to Look Forward to in 2019

2019 is just around the corner. This means new swimwear trends. Read on to learn about the top swimwear trends of 2019.

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Nostalgia for high-waisted swimwear trends of the 80s and 90s is back again. These daring swimsuits aren't for everyone, of course. There are a number of great styles and fashionable looks to choose from for 2019 fashion.

It's going to be hot, judging by the looks that have come out of high-fashion's Summer 2019 runways. We're seeing a number of bright colors trending and retro styles, not just skin. It will be a great year for the eclectic, lovers of one-pieces, and humble fashionistas.

If you want a headstart on your 2019 summer wardrobe, look for these top five trends!

1. Bold Solids

Rather than try to wow people with amazing designs and flashy patterns, go with solids. Bold colors with amazing cuts and stitching can steal the show. Minimalistic swimwear trends are timeless. 

In the summer, wear something that will compliment your tan (or sunburn, for some). The best solids that say 'premium' swimwear are your salmons, navys, burgundys, and forest greens. These colors are bold and don't fall under the predictable spectrum.

Women with pale skin look stunning in dark gray, gold, burnt orange, fuschia, and dark chocolate. Those with medium skin tone should go with silver, mocha, seafoam green, bronze, mango, and pink. Darker skin can look amazing in creams, yellow-green, red-orange, lime, violet, and of course white.

2. Wide Stripes

Stripes are commonly associated with boaters, the Navy, and everything aquatic. Using stripes, you can control how eyes perceive your summer bod. Vertical stripes will save you a few pounds, slimming down the waist and thighs. 

Horizontal stripes not only add width, but they also add more energy. One-piece swimsuits with horizontal stripes are less popular, but they look great on slimmer frames. Diagonal stripes work great, too, and they can create a lot of positive motion.

Men with striped trunks immediately fall into the category of posh cologne ads. Have your boyfriend compliment your stripes with some of his own.

When it comes to colors, stripes work best with dark reds, blues, and greens. They can also work great with pastels, which compliment a tropical vibe-if that's what you're going for. Try to avoid stripes with three or more colors. 

Stripes are most effective with a white or black pairing. A poor color combination may ruin the impact that stripes can have on the shape and style.

3. Shapes and Cut-outs

Have you ever wanted to transform how the world views your body? Well, when it comes to swimwear trends, that's the effect we're going for with shapes. Geometric shapes cut out of swimwear can amplify or modify your shape. 

The most popular usage of cut-out shapes centers on the midsection and the chest. Picture diamond-shaped cut-outs on each side of your waist. Black fabric covering the midsection will create the illusion that your waist is much smaller.

This is partly due to the eyes being drawn to the skin showing above and below, partly due to black's slimming effect. This can be really dramatic for women with big hips and bust. Tanlines will be a little unusual, but it's worth it, trust us!

If you're feeling really bold, go with cleavage cut-outs and bottom windows. Ladies who have larger assets can show a little skin with a geometric view. High-waisted bottoms can work great in combination with a cute triangle-shaped cut-out.

4. Natural Designs

Be one with Mother Nature and wear your natural flora and fauna patterns with pride. Swimsuits that have botanical prints, animal prints, and natural textures will be hot in 2019. When it comes to the style of prints, we would choose both realistic and painted effects.

Botanical sketches can look uh-mazing on a cute little two-piece set. Vibrant, neon-colored tropic prints will always be hot on the beach. Florida girls should have at least one flamingo or rainforest-themed swimsuit.

Summertime is the best time to show off fun prints without looking tacky. Leopard, cheetah, and snakeskin prints are all very hot and look great in one-piece bathing suits. We would suggest avoiding dark, cliche Hawaiin prints, though.

Palm leaves and pineapples are fine, just make sure the designs and patterns are unique.

5. Retro and Vintage

Old school swimwear seems to always be a safe bet for seasonal trends. As we mentioned, high-waisted swimsuits showing skin are going strong. Retro looks, especially Italian styles, are all going to be big in 2019. 

Pair your retro swimwear with a big hat and big shades. Slap on some bright red, purple, or orange lipstick to really look like a star. Think James Bond girl, but with modern features. Avoid the big gold pieces of jewelry, though.

The vintage fashion lines are all about effortless class, not gratuitous wealth. You can still flaunt your high-end fashion, just be subtle with it. Remember, retro fashions are all about form-fitting cuts and bold moves.

Try ruffled edges, gold accents, button-up fronts, or lacey covers. All of these harken back memories of vintage silhouettes. Never be afraid to show your curves, women were known for being wider and curvier back in those days.

Shopping for Swimwear Trends

There you have it, five of the hottest swimwear trends you'll be seeing next year. Besides the Paris Fashion Week for men in January, all the big names have finalized their swimwear designs. Watch out for great sales on brands that aren't on the runway, too.

Some of the best interpretations of high-fashion trends come from online stores like Happy Jiggly Feet. You'll find a great variety of designs and brands at incredible prices. Summer may feel like a long way away now, but it's always best to shop during the colder months to get the best deals.

Shop in our discounted bargains section. You'll find outlet pieces that have nothing wrong with them, just minor design flaws. Get great deals on display items in perfect condition and have plenty of outfits to show off in 2019. 

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