The Woman on the Balcony

Who is she? She is loud, she is quirky, she is awkward, she eats chocolate like her life depends on it, she laughs out loud like she does not care, she dances around like no one is watching and Brigitte Bardot’s hair is her hair goal… But then again, her hair is probably every woman’s goal! 
She doesn't care about trends, but her style is everything to her. 
She loves to sit on her balcony listening to music and daydreaming about everything and anything. She is that girl who has always been fighting to stay true to her weirdness and authenticity. This brand and what it stands for mean everything to her.
Happyjigglyfeet is dedicated to expressing you, just as you are, without having to apologize for it. Her wish for the brand is to redefine beauty by embracing the quirkiness within you and the uniqueness that each one of us are, inside and out! 
Her products are designed around the feelings of being happy, beautiful, confident, authentic and positive.
She wants you, along with her, to celebrate the beauty of being different, unique, quirky, outside the box, and imperfect in your own perfection.

From her balcony to yours, let’s daydream together! 

Woman on the Balcony is a mom of two who is also a successful photographer. She has been named as one of the world's top Asian photographers. She is highly commended for her contemporary vintage images of portraiture with a long waiting list of clientele yearly.