HJF No Brand Eyewear was first announced in April 2016 and the response has been overwhelming! We’ve had two sold out sales since then, which is insane! We are so thankful for all that unexpected love from quirky people out there, and to be honest - we have been barely holding on to the third stock for the launch of this website. And so, here we are welcoming you to the world of HJF customized take on eyewear!

Why No Brand? It is not about the brand but about the styles. Brand is what you buy but style is what you do with it, a form of self expression.
All the frames are outsourced, we work with different manufacturers, shops and independent designers. This way the eyewear is limited in quantity (in other words - get them while they’re hot!)
Need fabulous frames to turn into your clear or dark glasses? No problem, customization is our second name, whether you have prescription glasses or not.
Speaking of clear and dark lens, here’s the 411:
  • The clear lenses are all about high quality UV protection and multi-coated lens, so most of the reflection is cut off. 
  • The dark lenses have a UV 400 coat that will block out all light rays with wavelengths up to 400 nanometers that covers all UVA and UVB rays. The tinting color and intensity can of course be customized (See, told ya, our second name)

Processing time is 7 working days for customisation excluding delivery time.

Please make sure you provide your prescription degree and focal point in the note box when you check out.
Nerdy is the new Sexy! Be Different, Be You!