HJF stands for HAPPYJIGGLYFEET, whatever that means to you, it is open to everyone's personal positive interpretation of the word.
To us, HAPPYJIGGLYFEET is being happy, being original, freedom to express oneself, embracing quirkiness and weirdness, and of course because we love to dance so much here at HJF!
Our products are designed and created from all these beautiful ideas of embracing the courage to be different, uncommon, authentic and beautiful in your own skin.....HJF's spirit is sunshine, jazz, laughter, sweet dreams, chocolate, champagne mixed with a little chaos, burst of colours, messiness, sandy toes, craziness, rebelliousness and drama.
 HJF is about style and and it is ageless, style is a deeply personal expression of oneself. HJF is a true definition of the courage to be authentically you.
Hashtag us at #happyjigglyfeet #bedifferentbeyou everytime you are rocking one of our pieces! Let us know that you are with us to redefine beauty! We would love to see how you style our pieces with your personality! 
Stay weird & fabulous at being yourself! Choose to be different because you are!