• All our swimwear pieces are handcrafted from thick tight weave fabric to give you that support and protection to your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays when you are out enjoying your beautiful self on the beach, on the yacht or by the pool. We want our pieces to be pretty and durable.
  • Each piece is double layered with a thick tight weave smooth internal lining from the same outside material to hug your body for that smooth comfort feeling and protection. Double layer of the good stuff. Expect no see through situation with our pieces. 
  • The swimwear pieces are mostly designed with contour / moulded cup bra with or without underwire for a proper support. Each cup is built with the secure insert pocket for the removable silicone pads. You are most welcome!
  • Our silicone pads breast enhancer are waterproof, designed for both in and out of water. These soft pads will create that natural full look and cleavage. These pads are secure in those special pad insert pockets we have created in each cup for you, therefore, it will be impossible for them to slip out of place or fall out while you are swimming, playing and frolicking in the water. We do not do lumpy sponge /foam pad inserts, we are cool like that!
  • Each design is created to be adjustable for better fitting, beautiful women come in many shapes and sizes.