If you are new to HJF, our swimsuits are not sized according to the market standard sizing. This is because each brand has their own measurements for their blocks/mannequins when they create the patterns, majorly based on how they interpret their target market average body sizes. This can be a nightmare to online shoppers since fitting problem is the biggest concern.

Hence you are not able to rely solely on one size based on one brand to shop online. You can only depend on one factor for certain, that is your own body measurement. 

Our sizing system is based on your own unique body measurement to guarantee a more successful fitting.

  • First step is to measure your own body according to the chart below, bust, waist & hips.
  • Then decide which size category your body measurements belong to in the chart to decide your swimsuit size.
  • All our swimsuits are designed to be adjustable to your figure.
  • Swimsuits are meant to be tight fitting as they expand when they get wet.