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This is a waist trainer band that we are absolutely obsessed here at HJF. It is an amazing tool to sculpt your waistline. Our band is made of latex, a non-vulcanised rubber, which is strong yet flexible material that when worn on the midsection will boost thermal activity and increases perspiration. Spandex and nylon are added to the latex for more comfort.

Use it correctly to benefit. Moderation is the key here. A waist trainer can harm your organs if you wear it for an unhealthy long hours and incorrectly tight. They can create an unwanted pressure on the midsection, limiting blood and oxygen flow to vital organs which can be dangerous.
We recommend maximum of 4 hours daily anytime of the day. It is important to note that waist training should only be an addition to your healthy diet and consistent exercise regimen, not a substitute for one.
The waist trainer will keep your abs tight and back straight. It helps you sweat extra during your work out. It may lead to quicker inch loss when worn during exercise, but it does not make you lose weight. Do not wear it tightly while doing high intensity cardio or exercises that elevate your heart.
According to Dr. Brad Thomas, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon and founding partner of Beach Cities Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, the main benefit of a waist trainer is its ability to help an individual activate their abdominal core muscles and inspire good posture. In this case, it is not necessarily the trainer that is transforming the body directly, but it is simply serving as a reminder to the body to engage the core muscles as you go about the daily activities.
Give it a go as we definitely see positive results when use religiously with discipline.
Happy sculpting your waist!
Life is too short to live without the WAIST TRAINING BAND. Be happy. Be Content. Be Satisfied.

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